Many people leave there big switch on until the last minute this is a mistake as over long periods the valves and the boiler component tend to seize (this will lead on to my next blog about valve maintenance coming soon

So how do we avoid this problem?

Its as simple as just flicking your heating on even if it’s just for a short period of time to allow the valve to open and close. This will reduce the chances of the valve seizing and leading to your heating not working when you need it most!.


  1. Repeating this a few times throughout the summer period should help the components stay freely moving.

Also another important element of heating systems is to ensure your system inhibitor levels are topped up.

Corrosion inhibitor is as important to heating systems as engine oil is to a car engine. It reduces the level of corrosion within your system and helps improve performance.

We offer and install a range of system improving products such as magna cleans that collect moving metal fragment within the heating system and prevent the build up of sludge within your radiators.

For the heating system that has been neglected and has poor performance we can offer a power flush, this pretty much does what it says on the tin!.

We use a high performing pump to move a cleaning agent around your radiators individually and around your pipe work, this breaks down the deposits that are blocking the hot water from circulating. We then finish by flushing out the cleaner and treat the system with corrosion inhibitor. We have seen vast improvement in virtually all the systems we have performed this on in the past and would be happy to discuss more with you if needed.

Why not combine both power flush and the installation of a magna clean to optimise the performance of you heating system?. This will aid and reduce fuel consumption and lengthen the life of your boiler a winning combination!.

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  • james thomas says:

    hey, thanks for sharing this info as an experienced service engineer in one of the best Combi boiler company I have seen most of the people don’t know how to maintain properly that is the only reason for all the problems if they maintain with frequent cheaks no issues will raise the way your explaining is good keep going