Valve maintenance

By September 22, 2016mburrowsplumbers

Valve maintenance

Whether your the owner of a large commercial premises or a domestic property ensuring your valves are working and ready for when you need them is so important.
Can you imagine having a leak and not being able to shut the water off because the valve no longer works?.

Simple valve maintenance could prevent the valves from seizing and becoming useless.

Simply turn off the stop tap by rotating the handle clockwise, check the water at the cold tap has stopped and then re-open by turning the handle anti-clockwise until it
stops and then a quarter turn back, check around the spindle for any leaks if one is found simply tighten the small packing gland, a slight nip clockwise with a spanner
should do it (see video below).

TOP TIP! Doing this annually or even every 6 months helps to keep the valve free moving and ready for when you need it.

For demonstration purposes and a walk through audio guide please feel free to watch the small video clip below.

Commercial premises may need a more extensive valve maintenance as they may have many zones with many valves. Again ensuring these valves work is so important.
Being able to shut down a zone as apposed to the whole premises in the event of a leak is vital.

Martin Burrows Plumbers Ltd has extensive experience working on commercial properties such as Northampton General Hospital and Northampton, Saints Rugby Club.

Why not consider using us to create an annual maintenance program for your building?

We are always happy to quote for any projects or maintenance works you may have (see contact).